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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

missbossypants workshop is buzzing for Christmas!

Cup Cozies, aprons, ouchie bags, tag lovey blankets and coasters aplenty!!!

Some are for orders, others gifts, and some, well, just because I'm addicted, that's why!!!

I'm still taking orders for those who are looking for stocking stuffers, teacher and neighbour gifts, or just a special treat for yourself!

I've never officially listed items and pricing before, as it was always just by word of mouth, and photo albums on Facebook. I'll put up some pics and pricing here for all of you to see:

Cup Cozies

These are a stylish way to protect your hands from hot takeout cups, and insulate your drink, thus keeping it hot longer! Never forget which cup is yours! Express your individuality with various prints and colours. Some cozies are reversible too! Keep a cozy in your purse or console of your car so it's always ready to use. These babies are an affordable $3 each. Hurry to get them at this price, as I may be breaking into the wholesale market, at which point I may have to raise my prices! (but then you may be able to get them at cool coffee shops around Lambton County and Strathroy too!) Hoping that will come to fruition after the crazy holiday season, but there's still lots of planning to do!

Flaxseed Ouchie Bags

Reusable, nontoxic, eco friendly, hypoallergenic....

These flaxseed filled packs are a natural hot and cold pack for kids and adults!
Hot/Cold packs can be stored in the freezer, a great alternative to frozen peas!
Flexible when frozen, snuggly when heated in the microwave.
Microwave in increments of 15 seconds to find the perfect temperature for you.

Why Flaxseed for a filler?
Flaxseed contains 30-40% of flaxseed oil, which remains inside the seed. When the seeds are heated, the soft shell of the
seed allows for moisture to be absorbed. Then as the seeds cool, a moist heat is released. Flaxseed’s unique thermal and oil content allow for it to heat quickly and retain heat for 30-45 min. making it an ideal heating product. It will not crack, weighs less than rice and adjusts comfortably to the contours of the body. Cheap fillers such as rice or wheat tend to lose their ability to
retain water after repeated use. If they dry out, they are more likely to become scorched. They also tend to have a "food odor" when heated. STORE YOUR OUCHIE BAGS IN A ZIPLOC BAG IN THE FREEZER TO PREVENT RANCID FLAXSEED.

Insect Bites Tummy aches Earaches Menstrual cramping Bed warmer Bruises Headaches Fevers Labour pains, etc....

All ouchie bags have at least one side of cozy, warm fabric such as flannel to be soft and cozy against your skin.

Small Ouchie bag - measures approximately 6" x 6" (1 square section) $4 each
Medium Ouchie bag - 2 sections long $6 each
Large Ouchie bag - 3 sections long $8 each

Also available are plain ouchie bags, with a separate washable cover. Please contact me for pricing.

Applique shirts

Infant Sets $10
Children's t shirts $13
Children's long sleve t shirts $15

I am selling off the shirts I have already in stock, and have cut off orders for Christmas because there's such little time left!

Pictures and sizing of each shirt will be uploaded at a later time (probably tonight).


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