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Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy Finds

I just made a purchase from a great new Etsy shop I found called Simple Serendipity. (Don't tell my husband, he thinks I already have enough jewelry!)

I came across Sara's shop through a giveaway. I swear, all I was doing was trying to win a gift certificate!!! All I had to do was look through the shop, pick my favourite and put it in the comments section of the blog holding the giveaway. But then I got browsing around.... and found that everything is absolutely stunning, AND.... all UNDER $5!!!! Now how does anyone expect me to resist that! So.... I bought these beauties:

Simple Groovy Black earrings

Simple Chunky Red bracelet

I know, I know, they're both black and rather subdued, but surprisingly, I need some black in my jewelry box! I have a lot of turqoise, purple, browns, etc, but running low on black (and red). So, that's what I found.

What will you find? I know that once you look, you'll find something you just can't do without!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Custom order in the making....

The fabric has been freshly laundered and dried to perfection in the late May sunshine (or should I say the SWELTERING HEAT!)

A racing fan family has asked me for custom aprons and chef hats with checkered flag fabric, and each child's favourite colour. We have a very manly dark purple (show that to your husband, Angela!), a classic red, and a sweet light pink. The little girl is only 8 weeks old right now, but soon she'll grow into her sweet ruffled apron and chef's hat!

I'll be absolutely sure to photograph and post the final products before they are delivered - I'm super excited to see them finished!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the winner is.....

Comment #72
RACHAEL from A Little Bit of Everything in Christchurch, New Zealand,
who said: "I am following your blog"

Congratulations Rachael! I'll be sending you an e-mail to get your mailing address. (Guess I'd better save up some pennies for shipping all the way to the other side of the world!)
Funny fact about Rachael: She has the same blog background as I do! What are the chances!?! It must have been meant to be...


Wow! There were 261 comments over 4 days! I am absolutely flattered that so many people liked my goodies!

Thank you so much to everyone who came by to say hello and enter my giveaway! My Google Analytics was going CRAZY!!!!! I went from 24 site visits on a Sunday, to 450 on Monday!!! I've also doubled my followers! Welcome new followers! I hope you like what you see, and enjoy what is yet to come!

I hope to get some more photographing done and get some more things listed in my online market. For those of you who didn't win, come check out the market, you'll find that the prices are pretty darn reasonable!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and commented on the goodies..... you sure know how to make a gal feel great!

Monday, May 17, 2010

May Giveaway Day is here!!!

****Edit****** Ok, I'm a dork, May 20th is a Thursday, NOT a Friday, and I actually meant to say that the giveaway closes on Thursday, May 20th at 4pm. I have received some comments after 4pm today, so I will allow them in, since I made the boo-boo. But now, the time has come that I am now closing the comments, and getting the result by random.org. Good luck everyone!

If you're here from Sew Mama Sew..... WELCOME to missbossypants!!! Kick off your shoes, have a little look around, and make yourself at home!

Stop by my online market and see what I've got for sale. It's an assortment of items for adults, kids, anyone!

Thanks for visiting.... I've got some goodies for you! I'm going to cut straight to the chase, I know what it's like trying to get all over cyberspace and get entered in as many giveaways as humanly possible.

What I have up for winning is:

a fun felt breakfast set. Great fun for little ones!

Your choice of one of these lovely, ruffly, girly, child-size aprons!

....And, I'll surprise you with a cup cozy all your own. I have a MILLION different fabrics in my stash, so I'll pick one and make it this week for the winner.

Ok, so this is what you have to do to have a chance to win:

1. Leave a comment on this post - tell me something fun about yourself, or what you like to sew/craft/create. If your e-mail is not attached to your profile, make sure you leave your e-mail address in the comment!

2. If you are a follower (or decide to become one today), you'll get one more entry! Leave a comment to tell me you are a follower.

Comments are open until 4pm EST on Friday, May 20th. Sometime on Friday night, I'll choose a winner (perhaps I'll try the super-cool random number picker!)

I'll contact the winner by e-mail (so make sure you leave me your e-mail address!), and announce it here on the blog. And then the goodies will be sent away in the mail (anywhere in the world - woohoo!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Saturday funny!

I must tell you, I wasted some of my life today - cleaning my house. But don't worry, I didn't clean a lot, so I didn't waste my life away......

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sweetie will most likely be getting a haircut this afternoon, so perhaps some before and after pics will be posted tonight. She's actually going to have a "hairstyle". Wish us luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Women's Health and Lifestyle Show

Well, I did it. I got the last minute e-mail invite to be in the show on Friday morning. I accepted. I sewed until 4am, then out of bed at 7am to get ready for the show. I found childcare for monkey, and decided to bring sweetie with me, since she always begs to come to shows with me. (Mac was working nightshift, and needed to sleep during the day)
Of course, sweetie woke up with diarrhea..... great. But, we pushed on and got there on time, set up (with a little help from Krista - Avery's Garden), and started to sell! (Don't worry, sweetie started to feel better - I didn't bring a sick child to the show!)

This is the new (and improved?) display. I found a great stand that is supposed to be for drying hockey equipment. I saw another use: bibs and aprons! It's on the floor on the far left there. It needs to be painted, and tweaked a little, but it turned out to be a good piece. So that freed up space on the green metal rack that sits on the table. That's where my new spring/summer weight scarves are now being showcased! I need to photograph the scarves individually, and will post the unsold ones on my online market here.

Here's a closer look at the new stand:
And a closeup of the green metal stand with my scarves showcased:
Of course, at the last minute, I decided to introduce yet another new product: bookmarks. I LOVE fabric covered buttons, so I just HAD to try this out. They are paperclips with buttons at the top. I also did a few on the little bulldog-style clips. They are handy, and oh-so-stylish for your nightly reading! I'll also be photographing these and listing the unsold ones in my online shop. I'd better take advantage of the sunshine today, since the next 4 days will be rainy and gray!
(Although hot glue gun use at 3am is not recommended, these worked out quite well!)

I didn't know if I was going to regret the decision to bring sweetie. She can be really sweet and fun, but at the age of 6 (almost 7), she can also get bored and a bit whiny. She did SO WELL!!! She is not shy at all (she's a bit like her mother!), so she wandered around and made some great friends. She oohed and aahed at all the beautiful jewelry, cakes, scarves and purses, and dragged me around a couple times because I just HAD to see them! Her absolute favourite piece was a necklace and earring set she found at the doorprize table. It had it all: flowers, sparkles, and to top it all off, it was PINK! The wonderful ladies from the Weekend to End Women's Cancers were great and allowed her to put her name in the draw.

Well, wouldn't you know..... SHE WON!!! :) She was ecstatic! (just look at that gap-toothed grin!)

Angela from Yoga Bliss Fitness was an absolute GEM! She was doing reflexology sessions, and sweetie wanted one so badly! She waited and watched patiently, and when that chair was vacant, she ran over and asked very sweetly if she could have a "hand massage". Angela even had stickers with her, and gave her one before her massage. We will certainly be checking out her yoga classes for kids.
So now my stock is seriously depleted, so I've got to get sewing again. Not to mention the custom orders I secured while at the show! Yippee! Things are taking off, and going quite well! I just need to get going on the photographing of all my stock and get it posted for all of you to see (and purchase!)

Once again, the hottest seller were my flaxseed ouchie bags. They are so tactile and colourful, and customers just can't help but pick them up and ask about them. Some were purchased and even used by the vendors during the show - how's that for advertising! I have made a few custom ones for doulas, who like to use them with clients. I also received an order for a custom eye pillow size (20 of them! yay! Thanks Angela!). If you're interested in different shapes, sizes and weights, let me know, they are easy to make to your specifications!

Thanks to all of you who picked up my card at the show, and are now reading this blog as a result. Your praise and comments on my products are sincerely appreciated!

Have a wonderful spring day!

I found it!

I found the 13th scrapbook page pic! This is one of my favourites. I scraplifted the idea, not the actual layout. It was a layout that used a lot of bling and embellishments. Sounded good to me! (It's actually a lot more sparkly/blingy/exciting in real person. The white letters are covered in clear glass balls which gives it a really cool effect!)
.....and yes, the bottle cap in the top right corner of the pic IS from a Pomtini cooler. They're tasty, and good for page inspiration! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Women's Health & Lifestyle Show

Come see me, shop around and hear some great speakers!

Women's Health and Lifestyle Show from 9am-4pm at All Saints Parish Hall, Strathroy. Guest speakers at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00. Tickets are $15 each, or 3 for $40.00. All attendees receive a free gift bag!

Speakers are Maureen Hagan from GoodLife Fitness, Rebecca Liston, Homeopathic Physician & Dr. Jenna Eidt. Topics include hormonal harmony & Breast Cancer prevention.

All proceeds from the event go to the Weekend to End Women's Cancers, benefiting the Princess Margaret Hospital.

missbossypants will have lots on offer: ouchie bags, cup cozies, felt food, bibs, aprons, summer fashion scarves and bookmarks. Come shop for Mother's Day!

And Avery's Garden will be there as well, with her beautiful hair clips (I even own a pair for myself! Who says they're only for little girls?)

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Giveaway Day

Waaaaaay back in the fall of 2009, I was introduced to sewing blogs, etsy.com, tutorials, and overall crafty goodness. Since then, I've been OBSESSED!!!

One of the great blogs I stumbled upon was Sew, Mama, Sew!. They have a blog with wonderful sewing ideas and instructions, a fabric shop, and forums. I love that they have "theme" months, with regular content that is always really interesting and a great source of information. They've had Bag Month, Hand Sewing Month, Kids Clothes Month, etc. There's always something for everyone!
I must be honest though.... what really sucked me in were the giveaways!
I was soooo lucky to win "Absolutely A line", a sewing book from Sew, Mama, Sew during their Handmade Holidays month. I'm not generally a very lucky person, so when I got the winning e-mail, I was ecstatic!
Quite often they'll have giveaways that have to do with their current theme, as well as a pretty regular FFF (Free Fabric Friday). What's really exciting is: they also have a one-day GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!! The site hosts links to blogs and shops all over the world who are hosting giveaways. It was one of the ways I subscribed to 50,000 blogs in my blog reader - they were all just so fun! I signed up on a MILLION websites for a chance to win their homemade goodness. There are things ranging from homemade articles, to supplies to make your own homemade items. I love seeing what other people are making, and having a chance to win their creations! Handmade is always more fun because it's not mass produced, and just seems more special!

Let's get to the point here...... since last fall, I have become a self-taught sewist, with help from great websites like Sew, Mama, Sew. And to show my gratitude to all my fellow bloggers (and readers) out there, I am joining the May Giveaway Day! It will be held on May 17th, 2010. You'll need to comment on my giveaway blog post to be entered to win (haven't decided what to give away yet, but I promise it'll be fun!). Comments close on May 20th, at which time I'll pick a winner! International entrants are welcome, as I'm willing to ship my homemade goodness anywhere on the globe!

Be sure to visit Sew, Mama, Sew too, and check out the HUGE list of other blogs hosting a giveaway too! Who knows, you just might win something!

Between now and May 16th, check out my online market and let me know what you'd like to see as a giveaway! (and maybe make a purchase too.... :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Scrapbooking weekend

On the weekend of April 23-25, I went to a scrapbooking weekend just for girls. It was funny, I looked at all the ladies there (24 of us!), and said, "wow, just think of all the little kiddies at home with their daddies right now, eating Kraft dinner and hot dogs, and watching cartoons to their heart's content!" Not a problem though, kids need a good dose of mac and cheese once in a while, and mommas NEED to get away sometimes too!

Just look at all that $$ sitting there! The amount of money we all spend on scrapbooking supplies is crazy, but when you see the outcome of it, it makes it all worthwhile!

Row 1 of tables

Row 2 of tables.
I really should have taken a picture of another table that stood on its own - FULL of cricut machines. It's in the distance there, the round table on the right of the picture. Spread out through the entire room, I think there were approximately 10 machines there, all cutting, humming and creating away.

A posed picture of me working away. I was finally out of my funk, and starting to create something I was happy with.

Working at one of the cricut "stations" are my best friend Amanda (tongue out - so classy!), and "our" cousin Krista (deer in headlights look - really, I don't think I scared her!) Krista is Amanda's first cousin, and our moms are first cousins, so that makes us... like 2nd or 3rd cousins, right? We have a great time cackling and carrying on.

oh, the treat table.... we get fed VERY well at this resort, but still we always feel the need to fill another table with snacks. You know, for extra energy to make it late into the night.... I took this picture early on - it actually got more full as people started hauling out more and more candy, chips, fruit and breads. mmmmmmm!

Another sweet pic of the girlies - so silly!

Ok, so here's a rundown of all that I got accomplished...
Amanda and I arrived on Friday evening around 5pm. It takes me forever to get unpacked, settled and actually started on a page, and then takes me FOREVER AND A YEAR to finish an actual page. I agonize over placement, colours, embellishments, etc. I was also in a bit of a funk, not really living up to my true scrapbook potential, but hey, I got some pages done. That's all that matters, right? We packed up and checked out at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. We were there about 47 hours total. So, I estimate that I had a grand total of 26 hours of scrapbooking in 2.5 days, and finished 12 pages. That's an average of 2.17 hours per page. That's actually pretty quick for me! I must have been on a roll!

Anyways, here are pics of what I got done:
And wouldn't you know, I don't have a picture of my all-time, absolute FAVOURITE page that I completed. It'll just have to have its own blog post later!

Princesses on Ice - hard to see the light pink in the title. I HATE this page. It looks like I went back 5 years in scrapbooking history, and did it in that style. But, it's done, and I'm not one to pull pages apart and re-do them.

Fair Time. Not exactly happy with this one, but it's better than the last. I was in a square-themed funk that day, and this was the result. It seems to need a little more or something. Maybe someday I'll have just the right thing for it.

6th Birthday Party. Ok, you're going to notice a theme here - the good pages are probably scrap lifts. This one is definitely a scraplift, but with a few changes from moi. I love the colours of this one!

1st Grade - also a scraplift. It needed to be simple, since the paper was so gorgeous! I bought this years ago, and was so scared to cut into it, but now I'm so glad I did! and since I used it so sparingly, I have lots leftover for another page sometime!

Family Picture Day - I can't honestly remember who's book I made this for - Sweety's or Monkey's. I think it's for monkey, since I have other great pictures of sweety from this photo shoot day. I'm not sold on the darkish gray background, but I was in a bit of a "just get it done" mood, so that's how it is!

TOO LOUD! - my first page I finished that weekend. I like it, but I don't. You know that feeling? I lean more towards the liking it side, but it needs something.

Girls can like dinosaurs too - I love this title (thanks to Amanda!) I had a lot of pictures of events that I needed to do pages for both kids. I'm glad I didn't just do 2 of each page, since each of the kids had a completely different experience at this show!

little hero - this one reminds me of being a little "arts and crafty" and "paper piece-y", but it's cute for the age that he is in this picture. We were all sharing cricut cartridges with each other, and I think we all went a little crazy discovering all the fun shapes and fonts we could use. As you can see, I had a great time with the fireman accessories from the Everyday paper dolls cartridge!

All I ever wanted was a DS - I L.O.V.E this page!!! and it WAS NOT a scraplift. That's all me, baby! I love to do pages that are not centred around a specific holiday or theme, since I can just do what I want with it. This has to do with Sweety's Christmas present, but I played off the colours in the pictures for the theme.

Falling into FUN - I have a really hard time doing fall pages, since the fall colours aren't my preferred pallette. (and I hate the fact that our maple tree turns yellow in the fall instead of a beautiful orange or red colour) I do, however, like how this page turned out. It was, of course, a scraplift!

So, there you have it! The fruits of my labour a couple weekends ago!
When I get the chance to photograph the best of the bunch, I'll post it too. I'm not sure why it didn't get photographed, perhaps it was still drying (it has ALOT of bling on it!)

Have a great springtime week!


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