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Friday, July 9, 2010

50 things about me

Call it a filler, call it what you will, here's another "get to know me" post:

1. Many people pronounce my name SOH-nya rather than SAW-nya. I'll answer to anything.
2. I love to cook. My mom had me making dinner probably starting from 8th grade. Within a few years, I considered myself a better cook than she.
3. I love to travel. Sadly, I haven't been on a plane for 6 years, and haven't been outside of North America in 13 years. I finally got a passport last week after my first one expired 12 years ago.
4. I still dream in portuguese from time to time - I was an exchange student in Brazil when I was 17 years old (16 years ago!) and became quasi-fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.
5. I can barely understand the Acores dialect of Portuguese - far too much slang,and it seems like they don't open their mouth when they speak.
6. I live in a small town that I used to make fun of when I was a teen - it was the next hick-town over. Now I love it here!
7. I'm a self-taught sewist. My mom sewed clothing for me all the time, but she says I never showed interest in learning, so she didn't teach me. Thanks to the internet, I'm well on my way to learning the ins and outs.
8. My teenage dream "when I grew up" was to become a flight attendant. Once I went to college for Travel and Tourism, I didn't want to become a "glorified waitress".
9. I never reached my full potential educationally. I was a serial "underachiever" in school. I had the brains to do very well, but the drive to do "okay". I got high marks in the classes I really liked, and relaxed through other classes, achieving marks in the high 70's.
10.I'm a procrastinator. I do my best work on short notice. Unfortunately, with house cleaning, the procrastination goes far too long, and things end up stowed in strange places when we plan to have people over.
11.On the subject of house cleaning - I suck at it. Always have, hopefully someday I'll improve!
12.My first car was a white 1988 Ford Tempo GLS. It had a red interior, and a sweet spoiler on the back. It had power lumbar seats, and at one time, a pretty kickin' stereo. It was standard, I learned to drive it on my way home from picking it up.
13.I still miss driving "stick". Sometimes it gets boring with an automatic, although I don't miss trying to change gears with food in my hand!
14.I was a tour guide at African Lion Safari - a popular safari-style tourist attraction in Southwestern Ontario. It was a great summer, although I could've done with less images of baboons having sex on the tour!
15.I grew up going to Christian Elementary schools, which meant small classes, lots of relatives, and most of us of Dutch heritage (Christian Reformed demonination).
16. I grew up having 2 sets of grandparents, and 1 set of great grandparents. I still have all 4 grandparents living!
17.I am a child affected by divorce.
18.My father travelled extensively for work from the time I was 12 years old. I wish he had been around more.
19.I'm the oldest of 3, with 2 younger brothers, and my husband is the younges of 3, with 2 older sisters.
20.My absolute favourite colour is turquoise. Really, any colour related to blue (from green to purple) makes me happy. Luckily, these are the colours that look best on me!
21.I'm a Coca-cola addict. I will not, can not drink Pepsi. If I don't have a Coke by 2pm every day, I get the shakes and a headache. Hardcore addiction!
22.I drank Coke for breakfast in college. Coincidentally, that's when cellulite started appearing on my thighs.
23.I have a good 50lbs to lose to be in a weight range I'd be comfortable with. I'm not looking for 17-year old skinniness, just healthier and way less "padding".
24.I grew up camping in the summer, and know that it did me good to sleep in a tent, bait my own hook, and make my own fun with my cousins on the campsite. I still LOVE to camp!
25.My favourite meal has always been spaghetti with meatsauce. I requested it every year for my birthday dinner. Even though my tastes have expanded, I still love spaghetti.
26.I'm a dog lover. We got my childhood dog when I was 5, and she lived until after I came home from Brazil (I was 17), she died shortly after. Her name was Fifi. (My dad named her, don't blame me!)
27.I love reality tv. I watched the original Survivor back in 2000, and was sucked in! Even though it's getting old, I still HAVE to watch it!
28.I was a night time thumb sucker until the age of 9. My mom threatened to tie a ruler to my arm so I couldn't bend at the elbow and get the thumb in my mouth.
29.An overbite runs in the family, so naturally, I was the one to be blessed with it. I had a retainer (dental appliance) as a kid, and HATED it! It was lost in many a McDonald's garbage can!
30.I have a terribly addictive personality. When I start something, I am REALLY into it... almost annoyingly so! Some things stay, others fall by the wayside, and I'm off to the next new thing!
31.Of all the languages I speak (english, french, spanish, portuguese), I never learned Dutch, but do understand it quite well when my grandparents and mom speak it. Maybe someday I'll learn (perhaps my next addiction?)
32.I've known my best friend from the day I was born. We are 5 days apart, and our parents were friends. We didn't actually become best friends until 9th grade, when we went to different schools.
33.I'm a freak when it comes to my memory. HORRIBLE short term memory, but a GREAT long term memory. I can't remember what I came into a room for, but I remember the layout of our home when I was 4 years old.
34.My favourite music era is the 90's. It hold so many memories, and there were so many fun songs!
35.I'm a night owl. I often stay up until 1 or 1:30am. Unfortunately, I enjoy my sleep, and don't enjoy mornings!
36.I hit the snooze button for about an hour before I am fully awake and aware enough to know that it's morning. I can hit snooze, fall back to sleep and have a dream before the alarm goes off again!
37.I'm a leader when and where I'm comfortable, but can be insecure and have a feeling of inadequacy if I'm a late joiner in a group.
38.I'm horrible at keeping in touch with people. Thanks to Facebook, I have rediscovered people from elementary school, highschool, rotary exchange, etc. It has made the interactions so much easier and more frequent.
39.I only have 1 fallopian tube, after having an ectopic pregnancy in 2005. I often think about the little one we never met...
40.I would gladly go through more pregnancies, labours, births and baby phase if I can trade in the kids when they turn 2. Unfortunately, I kind of get attached to them, and wouldn't be able to trade them in... ;)
41.Country music makes my ears bleed. Not really, but almost! I admit to singing along with the "mainstream" country that plays on the pop stations, but if it mentions tractors, checking for ticks, or dogs dying, I'm outta there!
42.I once had to go to traffic school after getting too many speeding tickets. It was a time in my life where I did a lot of driving to school, to work, to visit my boyfriend, and all the while, driving FAST. I haven't really slowed down since then, just apparently have a couple horseshoes stuffed up somewhere.
43.I'm a loud talker.
44.I sing in the car like no one's listening. Unfortunately, my kids usually are!
45.I've always wanted to sign up for eHarmony, just to see who they'd match me up with! Happily married, just curious!
46.I am a terrible budgeter, spends when I have money, and scrimps until next payday.
47.I'd love to work on my impatient nature.
48.I'd also love to get to church more often and be a witness to what I truly believe. Even though I don't attend as much as I should, I still believe!
49.I love grocery shopping - I wander each and every aisle - just to see what there is to see!
50.I can't believe I finished this list... all while watching tv, drinking Coke, being impatient with my kids, and procrastinating instead of cleaning my house!

What are some of the things that make you who you are?


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