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Monday, November 29, 2010

My belated Blogiversary

I suck. I can't keep track of other people's anniversaries (well at least I sent a facebook message to my bestie at 11:55pm on the day of her 13th wedding anniversary), let alone one of mine I should have remembered!!!

Saturday was my Blogiversary!!!! Yep, one whole year of you guys reading up on what's going on in my sweatshop (aka basement sewing room), and what my crazy family has been up to.

I really appreciate all of you who read, stalk, and even leave a comment or two. It's flattering to know that people actually read this crazy blog (although it's not really all that hard - I don't blog as much as I should!)

It's been one year..... 91 followers and about 60 posts (there may be one or two in there that never got posted though - I may have been too embarrassed of the picture, or the content - I am known to get on the computer after a good night with a few drinks in me!)

People usually do something to comemorate special days like these.... I'm just thinking of doing a little giveaway. Ok, keep that under your hat, and keep an eye out for a post from me announcing a giveaway.

It'll be a little after the fact, but, hey, it already is!


  1. Congratulations! It's always an achievement to keep a blog going & I love keeping up to date with your happenings all the way over on the other side of the world!
    Enjoy the next year ahead! x

  2. Happy One Year Anniversary! I wanted to let you know that you were the giveaway winner for a pair of dahlia earrings. Hooray!!!!
    If you could please e-mail me which earrings you would like and your address I'll get those sent out to you as soon as possible.
    Congrats again and thanks for being a follower of my blog. :)



  3. I was just wondering if you could e-mail me your address so I can send you the earrings you won. I can't find it on your blog anywhere.


  4. Congratulations of your first year!


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