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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just tutu cute!!!

I couldn't help it.... the shameless pun had to be used. It is just too too cute!

My sister-in-law called me a couple days ago with a request. She signed up her and my niece for a mommy and me dance class. The first class was last Saturday at a local, well-known dance studio. Not thinking much of it, she dressed D in a nice comfy track suit for easy mobility. Well, when they got there, all the other little girls were prancing around in cute little dance outfits and tutus. How absolutely shameful that our little D did not have her own little tutu to prance and dance around in!!!

Cue Auntie Sonya. SIL asked if I would be able to make her a tutu.


At Halloween, I had planned to make a ghost-ish capey sort of costume for myself, but in the process, ran out of tulle. I sent out a request to the same SIL if she had any tulle left over from her wedding 4 years ago. Boy, did she ever! She hooked me up with a garbage bag full of tulle, of which I only needed a little bit. Here's a pic of me in the costume (not the outcome I was hoping for, but it was good enough). The best part of this pic is my little monkey, pleased as punch in his mummy costume I threw together for him the day before Halloween. Let me also point out that the pallour on my skin is white makeup, not a horrible sickness brought on by too much candy!

Anyways.... getting to my point, I had a TON of tulle leftover, so off I went to make sweet little D a tutu for her dance class!

I present the fluffiest little tutu for a (almost) 2 year old dancing princess:

It's hard to see, but every other strip of tulle has a thin ribbon, either white, light pink or hot pink. I wanted to add a little colour to an otherwise all-white (yet still entirely adorable) tutu. It turned out exactly as I had hoped.

The tutu will be delivered to the tiny dancer on Friday. That leaves one day for her to practice her dance moves before her next class.

Look out mommies and toddlers of the mommy and me class:

D is ready to strut her stuff and look great doing it!

I'm hoping to have a pic of her in this cute little creation to show all of you, I just need to okay it with my super-protective, internet safety advocate brother. J, if you're reading this (and I know you do.... :), just give me a pic of her neck down, k? The world needs to see the cuteness!!!


  1. howdy! did you do the tulle thing where you just tie the tulle strips on the elastic one at a time? Did you have to do any sewing?
    SA TX

  2. whoops btw love the TUTU it's TU cUTe....


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