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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A nice, warm, cozy ipod

I've sewn things for myself, my kids, my kids' friends, our dog Sunny, and my craft shows, but Mac had not yet been the lucky recipient of my sewing. There just wasn't anything I could think of that he would actually wear or use. UNTIL he decided to treat himself. He decided that he needed an ipod. not just any ipod, it had to be the Touch. I imagined him throwing it inot his coat pocket, and it being jostled around with keys, phone, change, etc. That precious screen would be toast in no time flat. So I decided he needed an ipod cozy. Out came the felted sweaters.

Ok, navy blue, nothing too wild or crazy.... a cute, yet not overstated button... I even remembered to leave a hole in the bottom for the earphones to come out! I did, however, forget the label with I was sewing the side seam (how could I forget that!?! I found just the right spot to put it, where it actually worked to reinforce the elastic sewn to the back.

I left it for him on the kitchen table for him to discover it when he came home from an afternoon shift. He says he likes it!
....although it hasn't left the house with him..... we'll wait and see...
I have an ipod shuffle, which will need a much cuter, more showy cozy. in time, I'm just waiting to find the PERFECT fabric..... :)

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