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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why not donate?

I am a healthy woman who has never had a debilitating disease, I've only ever had one surgery in my life (for an ectopic pregnancy), and don't have a family history of any diseases or cancers. I am very lucky for the life that I lead in good health.

Because of that, I feel there should be no reason for me not to do what I can for those who don't enjoy perfect health. My body continually makes and maintains a healthy blood supply, so why not capitalize on that?

Canadian Blood Services has mobile blood donor clinics that come even to my small town, so it's convenient and easy to donate. Tonight after dinner, I walked out my back door, out the gate, and to the community hall behind my house. For me, a 1 minute walk. For others, it could be a 10-15 minute drive, but still not all that far. The employees welcomed and thanked me for coming in. The nurses were gentle, professional and very nice! I walked in, and after the questionnaire, the donation, and the refreshment, I was out within one hour. I donated one unit of whole blood, and although it didn't look like a lot in the bag, it's actually enough for a coronary artery bypass operation!

Read below to see what your blood can do for your fellow neighbour....

How do you feel about donating blood and blood products?

This sums up how I feel: Luke 6:31 - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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