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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

missbossypants crafts now at UP THE STREET!

I am SO EXCITED! I was a vendor at the Bellies, Babies and Beyond show this past spring, and did some great networking. I met a scrapbooking supplies vendor who ran her own online store called UP THE STREET. Tara's creations are beautiful! She uses the newest, cutting-edge supplies and techniques, and sells them too!

Tara told me in the spring that she would soon be opening an actual bricks and mortar store, and was interested in selling some of my products on consignment. I immediately agreed. Are you kidding me!?! Of course I would LOVE to have my products showcased in an actual store, let alone one full of beautiful things!

Well, that store has been built and is now open. It is GORGEOUS!!! It is located in an historic building at the main crossroads in Strathroy (my hometown!). This building was originally one of the Hotels in town, back when people travelled by stagecoach and steam train. It eventually morphed into The Derby Inn... home of Strathroy's Rock & Roll. It was the bar in town that had live bands, cold beer, dirty old men, equally dirty carpet, and equally old furniture. It was much loved, and finally closed down about 2 years ago. The facade had been horrendously ruined with porthole-style windows with 70's style tinted and textured glass, as well as a brick veneer on the exterior walls. It was not a pretty sight. It was believed that the place was so rundown, it would be next to impossible to renovate and reuse the building. It was bought by a local antique and art dealer/picture framer who had the vision to revitalize this old building.

Here's how Tara's portion of the building looks now:

Its neat, clean lines are beautiful, while the architecture and form of the original building was retained. It seems to have been a successful revitalization project for both the building owner, as well as the Municipality (funds were provided by the Town to aid in the revitalization of this downtown building).

Tara's store is bright and attractive, and has a million things to look at (and purchase!)

Scrapbooking supplies are intermingled with antiques, old-fashioned sweets and products made from vintage supplies. Glassware is soon to be added to the great mix of products!

The most exciting part.... (for me, anyways!)..... I dropped off my wares today, and they will be set out in the store, ready for purchase as early as tomorrow!!! That's right, you can now stroll downtown Strathroy, and purchase some missbossypants goodies! Some items that will be available at UP THE STREET include: Flaxseed Ouchie Bags, Women's scarves, Kid's aprons, Baby Bibs, and Felt Food! Cup Cozies will be added soon, once I can add more to my inventory (i.e. pump out some more in my basement "sweat shop").
UP THE STREET is located at 2 Front St. West, Strathroy, and here online.

Stop by, check out the store, and tell Tara I sent you!


  1. That is wonderfully awesome! I can really feel your excitement & who wouldn't be excited with been able to sell your wares at an actual shop! That is my dream! What a great post! x


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