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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are you ready?

I'm not. I have a million goodies to bake, a dress to sew for my niece, and ALL of the giftwrapping to do.

So, in an effort to save time and make my husband do more than just pay for the Christmas gifts ;) I ever-so-nicely asked him to start the wrapping for me.

You see, he is a shift worker, and has been on the afternoon shift for the past 2 weeks. This means the kids and I leave the house at 9am, while he is sleeping, and he is alone in the house until he leaves for work at 2pm.


Just like most of you (women), I am the wrapper in the family, but haven't had the chance to do it this week. The kids have been sick with nasty colds, and have been light sleepers and get up with every cough, so I'm not able to sneak to the basement in the evenings. So, as I type this, Mac is fighting with scotch tape, and probably constantly moving the cat off the wrapping paper as he wrestles with the task of wrapping. I told him he could do all the "easy" wrapping a.k.a only the square boxes. (What nowadays is wrapped in a perfectly square or rectangular box without any hang tags or holes in the front to try out the toy?) Needless to say, he'll probably only wrap maybe 2 things. AND... they may just end up looking like this:
Oh well, any help is better than nothing, and I love him just for trying!
I think I should print some of these off to afix to anything he has attempted to wrap:


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