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Monday, December 20, 2010

FREE HomeSpun Threads Shoppe patterns!

I've discovered a new online pattern shop, and all the patterns in the HomeSpun Threads Shoppe are FREE. You'll need to click the link to go there and begin ordering your free downloads.

29 Patterns and pattern combinations to choose from...how?

All they simply ask is that you become a follower of HomeSpun-Threads blog and help spread the word. Seems fair enough to me!!! I ordered about 6 of their patterns, and they were available for immediate download. No waiting for an e-mail or anything!

Here are just a few favorites...

Pleated Ballerina Slippers

Make Up Bag Pattern

Even the HUGE Baby Shoe Pattern Set is FREE! and many more...

If you're in need of some supercute patterns, get over there soon, who knows how long they'll be free!


  1. Thanks so much! Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

  2. That shoe pattern is adorable! Thanks for sharing these.


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