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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guess what came in the mail today?!?

My package from my swap partner on the Mother Huddle Handmade Exchange! I went to the post office before I picked up the kids from school. All I wanted to do was rip it open in the van, just dying to see what was inside! I have read enough blogs to know that I had to wait until I got home so I could take pictures of the whole process.

And it came all the way from Australia!!!

I decided to take the pictures outside on my deck because it was a beautiful, clear day, and I thought it would be funny to show just how much snow we still have here! (I am not trying to further the preconceived notions that Canadians live in igloos and have snow year-round!) It was 12 degrees (celcius) here today, so the snow is melting steadily, and should be gone in the next 2-3 days. Anyways, back to the current subject...

For those of you who have never heard of or participated in a swap: Crafters are proud of their creations, and love to share them with others who are like-minded. So, on the 5,000,000 blogs I read (I swear it seems like it!), there are usually a swap or two on the go. You sign up to send some of your crafty goodness to someone else who has signed up, and either they will reciprocate, or another person is "assigned" to send their creations to you. A great lady named Natalie was given my name and address, and I was given the name and address of a crafter in North Carolina, USA.

I wanted to share with you all what Natalie sent!
First of all, a note written on this beautiful paper. It is that really cool marblized paper, done on a great textured, thick cardstock. It is so beautiful, I may just frame it! I'll have to ask Natalie if she made the paper herself, or if she bought it from another crafter.
Inside, she wrote: Dear Sonya, I'm your swap parter on the Handmade Exchange on the 'Mother Huddle' site. I live in a regional town in Victoria, Australia. Am a wife to a wonderful husband and we have an 11 month old son. I've really enjoyed making these gifts for you, hope you like them. The colouring wallet is handy to pop into your handbag and easy to pull out to keep kids entertained. I'm also loving your blog. I am following as (her username). Hope you check out my blog www.eissua.blogspot.com. Wishing you happiness all the way from Australia! Natalie

After reading the note, it was finally time to see what was in the package!
The first was the cutest little colouring wallet. Look at that fabric.... how did she know that I.LOVE.GREEN?!? It's gorgeous!

It has an equally gorgeous fabric on the inside (I think Natalie and I should have a fabric swap too!) Sweetie was just tickled that it even had crayons already packed in it! I love it so much that it will reside in my purse, and will only be dispensed to them when they PROMISE they will be good to it!!! :)

The next package was a tad bigger. I ripped into it to discover more beautiful GREEN fabric!!!

Inside, it held a notepad and pen for me!!! There is a pocket to hold important things like notes, receipts, whatever I deem necessary to keep in this beauty!
I'm thinking I'll keep it with my craft fair "toolkit", and use it during craft fairs to take important notes, write down the names of boutiques that want to carry my stock, etc.... ;) (I wish!)
I'm honoured to have received such carefully made and thoughtfully selected items.

Here's the final pic of all three items ( I count the notecard as an item because it is so beautiful too!)

Thank you Natalie! And thank you Destri from the Mother Huddle for setting up this swap!

Now go show Natalie some love by visiting her blog and tell her I sent you!


  1. Hello! What a beautiful post! I am tickled pink to read this and to see my creations all the way over there in Canada! What a contrast of scenery - we have just come out of Summer here & there you have snow! So so happy you love everything, I really enjoyed making these for you! I unfortunately didn't make the notecard, another swapper gave these to me, I love them too!
    Enjoy these creations, I can't wait to see what you make for your partner. :)

  2. OH my!!!! You were spoiled!!!! I have to share this on TMH, I hope you don't mind! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Sonya Thank you so much for your gift. It was a wonderful suprise. I have already been reading your blog. Guess my delight to find out I was the one who was matched with you. You have spoiled me beyond belief. It's hard to tell which one is my favorite. The apron is sooo cute. I have already put the coasters to use and will use the cup cozy soon.
    Please let me know when you head down my way. I would love to meet you. You will only be about 30 miles from me.
    thanks again


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