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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a little Wednesday funny!

I've got lots to tell you about my scrapbooking weekend, but I haven't uploaded the pics yet.

So, in the meantime, I've just got a little "funny" for you to give you a smile!

Ok, I've got a funny story for you too:
We have leased vehicles for the last 10 years, but since the whole auto industry went to crap, the dealerships are no longer leasing. The lease on our blue van is up this June, so we knew we had to get going on finding a replacement, or buying it out. Mac has been openly talking with the kids about the blue van going back because "we only borrowed it", and asked what we should get next. (Note: we are NOT looking to buy new, just looking for something that will get Mac to work and back - he carpools with 2 other guys, so he only has to drive 1 week out of 3 - Bonus!). I don't know where monkey got the idea, but he thinks we should get a Jeep. I don't even know how he knows that kind of vehicle! Sweetie is super funny; she wants to get a Prius. Yeah, a Prius. Where did she get that idea, you ask? Well, their new favourite movie is "Bedtime Stories", and the lady in the movie drives a Prius. I explained to her that they are lots of money, and too small for our family. Ok, fast forward to last night.... We have been thinking about a used Chevy Impala that someone in the area has for sale. Mac was laid up with a sore back, so I was sent for the test drive. I talked to the kids while I was getting ready to leave, telling them I was going to test out a car. Monkey immediately yells, "I want a Jeep!" after which I immediately turned to Sweetie and said, "no, we are not getting a Prius". Meanwhile, Mac is laughing his A$$ off, just listening to the whole conversation. I told them that we don't have enough money for Jeeps or Prius', and that we were looking at a silver Impala, and that I'd bring it to the laneway for everyone to see. Monkey says, "do we have enough money for a silver 'ampala'". I say yes, and we have a deal. Glad the kids approve. (man, they crack me up!)

(this is just a pic from the internet, but you get the idea!)
By the way, Mac is doing the paperwork this afternoon at the licencing office, and once we get the rest of the money to the guy, it'll be in our driveway this week. Note: it'll be a full driveway until June - we'll have a camping trailer, 2 vans and the car in the driveway until the blue van goes.


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  1. Love the funny.
    And congrats on your ampala :)


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