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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Really, I'm here, I've just been BUSY!!!

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!! Actually, I've been here all along, but I was just sucked into the excitement of summer.

This summer was a HOT one!!! Here in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, our summer was full of record breaking temperatures with very long stretches between any rains. It was a great year for the beach, splashpads and vacations, but not so good for our garden and flower pots (doesn't help when I'm not so diligent about watering the poor plants!)

I don't think I'll be winning any prizes for vegetables and flowers at our upcoming fall fair, but there's still hope for my sewing, scrapbooking, photography and baking entries!

On to the real reason for this post: SUMMER VACATION!!!

The first week of August, we made the trek to this island oasis:

Surf City, Topsail Island, NC a.k.a my favourite vacation destination!

This was the first time the kids had ever been to the "real beach" (the ocean), so it was very exciting! Sweetie took to the ocean like a dolphin, not minding the salty spray in the least. She practiced a lot and became a great boogie boarder:

I worked on perfecting my tan...... ha ha ha hee hee hee hooooooooo, yeah, that's a funny one. I should rephrase that: I perfected my BURN.

True Sonya style, I went from virgin skin to red, crispy and painful. This lovely, serene, Corona commercial-like scene looks great, but I know the outcome of this beach day. My skin has since bubbled, peeled and healed, and deep down, I know I'd do it all again just to smell the lovely beach air, hear the happy shrieks of the kids as they run into the water, and feel the refreshing water lapping on my feet.

A LOT of seafood was consumed in those 7 days......

Including some SCRUMPTIOUS shrimp omelettes. mmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Mac and I have been unable to consume any seafood at home, since it is not freshly caught on shrimp boats we spotted out our kitchen window. A grocery store shrimp ring is definitely NOT our idea of good seafood! Once you've had the good stuff, you can't go back to frozen!

Monkey had a wonderful time on the beach, never venturing far into the water, but having a great time all the while.

....and well, Sweetie took full advantage of the beach, even the great lighting and ambiance for a modelling session :) She practically had a different bathing suit for every day.

A well-dressed diva can't be caught wearing the same thing twice!

All in all, it was a wonderful family vacation. Mac and I hadn't been to the beach since our honeymoon almost 8 years ago, so we definitely were due to come back! Now that the kids have grown a love for the place, we will be back more often.

Our goofy family pic on the first day of vacation - so happy to be in the ocean!
More frequent posting will resume, I PROMISE!!!

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  1. Family fun times are always more important than blogging!


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