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Monday, September 27, 2010

Deal of all Deals!!!

I have ALWAYS wanted tall, high-heeled boots. But, those of you who join me in the "beefy calf club" probably share the same problem: most of the time, the boots don't even zip over my calves! I have admired many a pair, only to be disappointed when I tried them on.
I took a little evening shopping trip sans children last friday - it was pure bliss. I went to the local Sears, hoping to find a dress that I had seen in the catalogue (more on that below), and ran across these in the shoe department:

I've gotten to the point where I don't even bother trying on this type of boot anymore, since they don't usually fit my calves. BUT, there was a super sale! as you can see, they were 1/2 price!!! They obviously aren't top of the line, leather boots, but for that price, they were worth taking a shot......... THEY ZIPPED UP!!!!! It took a little prodding and tucking of the calf area, but it all closed and didn't look ridiculous once they were on (you, know, "muffin top" of the legs is NOT pretty!). The ones I tried on were the LAST size 9's in black, BUT, they had a couple marks on them. Not sure what it is, but it's not super noticeable, and may come out if I buff it with a soft cloth. So, since they had a defect, they were an extra 10% off! BONUS!!! In all, I got 60% off these great boots. After taxes, I paid $40 and change for them. I'd say that's a good find!
My mom is getting married in 3 weeks. (aren't they cute? It makes you just want to start singing, "a little ditty about Jack and Diana..... ) It is a casual event where "casual western wear" is encouraged. I.don't.do.western. Sorry. I know cowboy boots are in style, but they have just never been my style. So, I'm looking for an outfit that is casual, yet somewhat dressy, but not too dressy, since my mom will be wearing a peasant shirt and skirt with cowboy boots. I must not outdress the bride! I've ordered a dress from Sears that I think would be super cool (Yeah, Sears, again, they should be compensating me for this blog post!). I was leafing through one of their smaller catalogues that came that other day, and I just STOPPED and STARED when I saw it. I can't find it online right now, so a picture will have to wait... I'll let you know what I think of it - it will be delivered tomorrow!

*******UPDATE************** ok, so it's not a great picture, I ended up having to scan the page from the catalogue. It's all folded and crinkly because I've been carrying it around in my coat pocket to ask people's opinions on whether I should order it or not. Here it is: Those of you who know me personally, and have seen my wardrobe, it's a no-brainer which one I chose..... of course the teal one!!! It will be available for pick-up at the Sears location today, but I can't get it today!!! Stupid late meetings!!!! So, I'll have to wait one more day to pick it up and try it on. Wish me luck! My next purchase may be some foundation garments (aka girdle of steel) to make it all look good on me!

(By the way - I'm wearing the boots today to break them in! Oh, who am I kidding, breaking them in, I just couldn't wait! I'm like a kid wearing new clothes the second they get home and out of the bag!)

***************update concluded.... continue on.......********************

Plans are underway for the rest of the family's wedding attire. I'll be sewing Sweetie's dress, and putting a western touch on a plain white dress shirt for Monkey. Mac and I need to go shopping for his outfit - we'll see what we can find for him, since he normally doesn't do western either!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I MUST see the dress! And I am a member of the big ole calf club so I know the struggle. You got pretty boots AND a good deal! I'm pretty excited for you, I gotta say...

  2. Yes, can't wait to see the dress! And LOVE those boots! Gotta love a good bargain.


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