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Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Women's Health and Lifestyle Show

Well, I did it. I got the last minute e-mail invite to be in the show on Friday morning. I accepted. I sewed until 4am, then out of bed at 7am to get ready for the show. I found childcare for monkey, and decided to bring sweetie with me, since she always begs to come to shows with me. (Mac was working nightshift, and needed to sleep during the day)
Of course, sweetie woke up with diarrhea..... great. But, we pushed on and got there on time, set up (with a little help from Krista - Avery's Garden), and started to sell! (Don't worry, sweetie started to feel better - I didn't bring a sick child to the show!)

This is the new (and improved?) display. I found a great stand that is supposed to be for drying hockey equipment. I saw another use: bibs and aprons! It's on the floor on the far left there. It needs to be painted, and tweaked a little, but it turned out to be a good piece. So that freed up space on the green metal rack that sits on the table. That's where my new spring/summer weight scarves are now being showcased! I need to photograph the scarves individually, and will post the unsold ones on my online market here.

Here's a closer look at the new stand:
And a closeup of the green metal stand with my scarves showcased:
Of course, at the last minute, I decided to introduce yet another new product: bookmarks. I LOVE fabric covered buttons, so I just HAD to try this out. They are paperclips with buttons at the top. I also did a few on the little bulldog-style clips. They are handy, and oh-so-stylish for your nightly reading! I'll also be photographing these and listing the unsold ones in my online shop. I'd better take advantage of the sunshine today, since the next 4 days will be rainy and gray!
(Although hot glue gun use at 3am is not recommended, these worked out quite well!)

I didn't know if I was going to regret the decision to bring sweetie. She can be really sweet and fun, but at the age of 6 (almost 7), she can also get bored and a bit whiny. She did SO WELL!!! She is not shy at all (she's a bit like her mother!), so she wandered around and made some great friends. She oohed and aahed at all the beautiful jewelry, cakes, scarves and purses, and dragged me around a couple times because I just HAD to see them! Her absolute favourite piece was a necklace and earring set she found at the doorprize table. It had it all: flowers, sparkles, and to top it all off, it was PINK! The wonderful ladies from the Weekend to End Women's Cancers were great and allowed her to put her name in the draw.

Well, wouldn't you know..... SHE WON!!! :) She was ecstatic! (just look at that gap-toothed grin!)

Angela from Yoga Bliss Fitness was an absolute GEM! She was doing reflexology sessions, and sweetie wanted one so badly! She waited and watched patiently, and when that chair was vacant, she ran over and asked very sweetly if she could have a "hand massage". Angela even had stickers with her, and gave her one before her massage. We will certainly be checking out her yoga classes for kids.
So now my stock is seriously depleted, so I've got to get sewing again. Not to mention the custom orders I secured while at the show! Yippee! Things are taking off, and going quite well! I just need to get going on the photographing of all my stock and get it posted for all of you to see (and purchase!)

Once again, the hottest seller were my flaxseed ouchie bags. They are so tactile and colourful, and customers just can't help but pick them up and ask about them. Some were purchased and even used by the vendors during the show - how's that for advertising! I have made a few custom ones for doulas, who like to use them with clients. I also received an order for a custom eye pillow size (20 of them! yay! Thanks Angela!). If you're interested in different shapes, sizes and weights, let me know, they are easy to make to your specifications!

Thanks to all of you who picked up my card at the show, and are now reading this blog as a result. Your praise and comments on my products are sincerely appreciated!

Have a wonderful spring day!


  1. looks like fun, I love the bibs, I am having a giveaway at my blog
    come visit

  2. looks like fun, I love the bibs, I am having a giveaway at my blog
    come visit


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