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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Custom order in the making....

The fabric has been freshly laundered and dried to perfection in the late May sunshine (or should I say the SWELTERING HEAT!)

A racing fan family has asked me for custom aprons and chef hats with checkered flag fabric, and each child's favourite colour. We have a very manly dark purple (show that to your husband, Angela!), a classic red, and a sweet light pink. The little girl is only 8 weeks old right now, but soon she'll grow into her sweet ruffled apron and chef's hat!

I'll be absolutely sure to photograph and post the final products before they are delivered - I'm super excited to see them finished!


  1. Looks like you will be busy for awhile! I will be back to see the finished product!

    I found you through your comment on my jewelry hanger tutorial over at Craftaholics Anonymous. THANK YOU FOR telling me those were used to hang coffee mugs! I have been wondering about their initial purpose! :)

  2. YAY, for a custom order! I have had 3 custom orders for Modern cloth nappies the past 2 weeks, so exciting isn't it! x

  3. Very cool, congrats.


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